(read me. no, seriously.  read me.)

Real talk.  In order to be 100% consistent and fair to all our amazing members, we’ve got some policies that we live by!  Please respect the time of our instructors, and your fellow members.  READ our policies & live by them; they were created with your safety, respect for your time, and courtesy for both our members and instructors in mind.   Please keep in mind that close member/instructor relationships must have boundaries and special requests/favors to bend the rules will not be permitted.  When you ask for a special request, we'll refer you back to our studio policies.  


Class reservations are required via MindBody.  You, the client, are responsible for scheduling and cancelling your sessions at our studio.  You are 100% in control of your schedule; be sure to download the MindBody app for easy navigating!

WHY?  Every month we invest in the MindBody service so our members can purchase, reserve and cancel sessions 24/7.  Reservations are required so your instructor can create class choreography that will be safe and beneficial to her class participants. Additionally, our  instructors set up studio props based upon how many participants have signed up; props are limited and advanced sign-ups help us determine what we'll use that day.  Don't forget about our waitlists- our recent studio expansion has alleviated most wait-lists, but not all!  Space is limited in all classes; advanced sign-ups will help you reserve your spot!

24-hour cancellation policy.  No exceptions.  We hold a spot for you and in exchange you give us 24-hours notice.  All cancellations are done via MindBody by you (the client).  

WHY?  To be fair.  We absolutely, positively cannot make any exceptions to this rule.  If you'd like to reserve a spot in advance, you can!   Class sign-ups are open via MindBody 60 days before class starts and close 20 minutes before class start time.  If no one is signed up for class, class will not be held and it will disappear from the MindBody schedule.  If you cancel at least 24 hours prior to class start time, your session will automatically go back into your MindBody account.  If you signup for class and cancel within the 24-hour window, your session will be used up.  Please keep in mind all cancellations are done by you, the member, via your MindBody account.  Please do not call/text/email/ect. the studio, as we are not responsible for managing your personal account.  Should you have issues with your MindBody account, visit the contact us page and fill out a form.  We'll get back to you shortly.

Plan to arrive 10 minutes before class starts.  Our studio doors will be locked once class begins and will not be opened for late arrivals.  

WHY?  Get here early.  It shows respect for your instructor and fellow members.  Give yourself enough time to park, sign-in, change into your workout gear, store our belongings, find a spot in class , retrieve your props and do a little stretching pre-sweat session.  Our studio doors lock when class starts.  If class starts at 5 PM, the doors lock immediately.  We lock the doors for safety and to avoid interruptions.  Members store personal belongings in our studio, and we cannot leave the door unlocked.  In terms of safety, every class begins with a warmup- which is so important! Instructors cannot leave a class once it begins.   We believe our members deserve 100% of our instructors attention for the duration of their class.  Should you arrive late, your session will be used up; there are no exceptions to this policy.  Sessions are non-transferrable.  Please do not knock or peek into the windows to get your instructors attention if class has started; it's disruptive to everyone else's workout.

Classes start and end on time.  If you are not present at the start of class, your spot will be given to someone on the standby/waitlist.  Our studio doors lock when class begins (right on time!) and late arrivals will not be admitted.   

WHY?  We run a tight ship.  We have back to back classes.  We have busy members.  We have busy instructors.  We will not late start a class as it directly impacts everyone else's schedule. 

Classes are non-refundable and non-transferable.  No expiration date extensions.  

WHY? When you sign-up for a class, or package of sessions, you are committing to your health.  Those sessions are yours.  We want you to succeed!  To do so, you need to visit the studio regularly.  .  We offer single sessions and various 2 or 6 month packages.   When you commit to a package, you receive a discounted rate per session.  Should your sessions expire, they will not be reinstated.  We always recommend starting with a small package to determine how often you're able to get to the studio.  We all have different commitments (vacations, work, summer homes, school) so make sure you're selecting a package that makes sense for you!

Liability waiver must be completed prior to your first class.

WHY? FPB practices best business practices, and that means all members must complete a liability waiver prior to their first class.  If you do not sign the liability waiver you cannot participate in any FPB classes.

Studio is not responsible for lost or stolen items; feel free to store your items in our cubbies, or keep them with you.  WHY?  We're a private studio, but we're open to the public.  As much as we want to believe everyone is a good person, you can't trust everyone!  If you would rather bring you personal belongings into class with you, please limit the size of your items (so they're not in your neighbor's space or causing a tripping hazard!) If you bring your items into class, simply ask your instructor where you should store them.  We have a lost and found- and "clean house" once a month!

Any class description that indicates a prerequisite of FPB APPROVAL… needs just that!  While many of our classes are for all fitness levels, some are advanced and the FPB team will decide whether or not you are ready to advance!
WHY?  We offer some Level 2 and 3 classes.  Some classes are simply not a good fit for those with injuries/limitations.  Level 2 and 3 classes run at a much faster pace, which means participants must be knowledgeable on all Pilates equipment, be proficient in all Essential/Intermediate/Advanced exercises and transition from one move to another at a quick pace.  


Absolutely, positively, no shoes in the studio rooms!

WHY?  Do you know how many germs you have on your shoes?  Lots and lots!  Slip those shoes off in the boutique before you head into our studios.  Don't forget to take your shoes off even if you're going back in to grab a water bottle or take a trip to the restroom.  Our FPB team will remind you!  

Grip socks are required for all classes; no exceptions!  They are available for sale in our boutique.

WHY?  Safety.  Plain and simple.  No socks, no workout.  Our studio boutique has many grip socks; adorable  styles & designs.  If you need to purchase socks before class, please arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of class, so your instructor as time to process your purchase.  

Only water is permitted in the studios.  No gum chewing (choking hazard)

WHY?  To keep our studio floors clean & in good condition!  No coconut water, no flavored waters/seltzer, energy drinks, tea/coffee.  When these drinks spill (and accidents always happen)  they seep in between the floor boards, get sticky, and the sugar invites unwanted guests (ANTS!!!)   No gum; it prohibits proper Pilates breathing and is a serious choking hazard!  If you've brought a snack, please eat it in the studio boutique.  

Please becourteous and quiet while class is in progress.

WHY?  To get the most our of your fitness sessions, you should be focusing on your instructor's cueing and your breath.  If you're fully focused on your body, and breathing properly, you should not be able to talk.  Your fellow members deserve a chit-chat free environment; to be able to easily hear the instructor and focus on their body.  Our instructors sometimes need to turn into the "Pilates Police" and remind members of this policy..  Please be respectful and treat the studio like a classroom.  For a lot of our members this is their "me time."  Feel free to catch up with friends before and after class; we love seeing everyone make friends!

We kindly ask that you turn off your cell phone before entering the studio, to avoid interruption to you and others during their session.  If you must have access to your phone, keep it nearby on vibrate.  If you must answer a call, please do so quietly in our boutique.  

WHY?  We have lots of doctors, nurses, moms and other busy members!  We totally understand that you like to stay connected in case of an emergency.  Feel free to keep your cell phone nearby- with the ringer off!  If you need to take a call, no need to announce it, just quietly step into our boutique and take there call there, keeping in mind class is still in session.  Our boutique is monitored with security cameras and we ask that you take your call away from everyone's personal belongings and hang by the front desk.

policies apply to everyone!  no exceptions!

be respectful.  be accountable.