Private sessions are ideal if you're new to Pilates, have any injuries or limitations, or simply prefer one-on-one individualized attention.  If you're at all nervous or apprehensive about Pilates, a one-on-one training session with one of our knowledgable and caring instructors will help put you at ease.  You'll be able to ask questions and talk to about any concerns/fears.  

Additionally, private sessions are perfect for current clients looking for some extra one-on-one guidance.  Whether you're looking to take just one or two sessions, or establish a weekly routine with one of our instructors, private sessions will help build your fitness confidence and aid you in reaching your personal fitness goals.

Schedule a one-on-one Private Pilates session where your instructor will take you through a movement sequence that is tailored to your personal goals on various Pilates Equipment in STUDIO TWO.  Duet sessions can be arranged upon request.  

Private Training sessions are also available and held in STUDIO ONE. 

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